Saturday, January 21, 2012

shading and other matters

We did this activity for Day 1. First - to test how much they know about drawing and second - to figure out how can i effectively execute my teaching to work with both students who have different styles in drawing. Dovie likes to do doodle art while Sheena is into realistic line drawings. It'll be too hard for me to split them into two sessions (not to mention how tight my schedule weekly) so i decided to accept the pairing. We started with the basic: shading, types of shading and tonal value. I thought it's interesting to apply the first lesson using their own styles. I'm not the type who dictates what result i want to see to the point of being pushy. It'll be good to learn the basics and at the same time enjoy the creative freedom.

Shading using an egg as a model, pointing out the importance of establishing the source of light, form shadow and cast shadow: 

Sheena's egg


My egg (did a quick drawing while giving pointers and waiting for them to finish :))

 We don't have a real flower so i improvised a flower model using a clay:



And lastly, i asked them to apply shading this time by drawing a face:
Sheena's Mary

Dovie's vintage girl

And because i'm the teacher, i can get away with everything by just doing random hair, hahah.

 Since they are both fast learners, i plan to proceed next to colour illustration. I was seriously fazed during our first day. Aside from the fact that i'm a shy person and i'm not really a good speaker, i'm a little worried (conscious is another word heh) about my own teaching (which means i have to study more stuff to be an effective tutor). However, I will try my best.
I'm realy looking forward to see how they'll do in painting. 


  1. You are awesome that you are giving them creative freedom at the same time tearching them. Great job teach! :-)


  2. Hi Missy, thank you for the kind words :)