Tuesday, January 17, 2012

what kind of bird are you?

Do you still remember:

Because Wes Anderson is such a genius, he is coming out with another masterpiece...

Doing some artworks synchronously for two weeks straight keeps me busy (aside from mi day job).
I aim to finish ten works before the end of January.
Vintage photos + interesting films fuel my creativity.
Books, food, cat-fur. Yes, Praise God for the cloud of inspiration.

Ps. I noticed that Wes Anderson's favorite font is Futura. :)


  1. WOW! thank you for introducing me to this new wonderful movie. I really want to watch it now! I will keep an eye out for it.


  2. you are on a roll! and thanks for the movie recommendations! sometimes it's all i can do when the little one wakes up before we go to bed and just wants to fall asleep on me.

  3. Sure thing, girls! :) Glad you find my shared list interesting.