Wednesday, January 4, 2012

so far, the flight is taking a steady course

Gone are the days that i was always confused, stressed, frightened and worried whenever i do an artwork. I'm glad that i enjoy the process of making now. That i'm not impatient anymore. That i do not stress myself racing against a thought/idea just to lose at the finish and let the spark die before i even had a chance of executing it. No, not anymore. I now love watching how it start, grow under my curious eyes and reach the ending tempo. I like how things are now. I don't know until what extent my current setup will be and the outcome on the following weeks (say, if i'll tire of it or frustrate myself again) but i learned to take in the process of create-and-destroy-and-create-again like it's the next sane thing to breathing.

Before December ended, i browsed my portfolio and surprised myself on how much i've done for the whole year. Despite my shortcomings and some personal things i feel sad of,
this is something i feel truthfully happy about.  :)

Le voyage a commenc√©. 


  1. i wonder why you always have that breathing air on your works =) i hope you could make more this year than what you've done last year. happy 2012!

  2. What a wonderful feeling for you! I definitely know what you're talking about... you get so excited to start a project and then you start losing your patience... the worst. I have a lot of patience usually so I got lucky somehow. :)

    love, polly

  3. very outstanding and beautiful works of art, sooo loooove it!!! you are very gifted... i admire you so much.... love your blog!!! following you now..hope you could visit my blog too.. kissess!!!

  4. Ria, i really like the air/breeze/wind(clouds), for me it symbolizes connection. I'm actually fascinated by it. Thank you, i also want to double it this year! Happy 2012 too :)

  5. Polly, lucky you :) i'm now getting over it and i aim to be more productive this year.

  6. Hi Dina! Welcome to my blog. Thank you!! :)