Wednesday, March 21, 2012

at eagle and jick's

Random photos from Ate Jick and Eagle's birthday party last weekend.

Uma's shot of my camera double flash exploding on my face.

Magic! I just blushed after the explosion. :3

Taho nation.

Ting liking my present.

The street was silent except for our party gaggles. 

Uma in the dark.

And let there be light!

Happy birthday Ate Jick!  Parang college days lan. Not aging.

Isa pa 'to! Happy birthday Eagle!

The lovebirds, one down.

Sanuks ~  Uma's pair is 2 yrs old, mine's 3.  :)

Eagle's growing munny collection.

Not my birthday, but i also got presents. 

Uma and I's padamihan ng shot portion.
Apparently, we didn't find out who won, hahah.

This is really amusing. An automated mobile loading machine beside
a gotohan at a nearby street. I wonder if it loads fast.

And in the morning (after a couple of hours of sleep the same morning din, hahah)...
Haggard lahat. The Pacetes: Eagle, Ting and Ozark.
Instant sleepovers are fun. Kwentuhan 'til you drop, Oz's had funniest ones.

Point taken, Uma. When you lack sleep, the only thing that matters
is food. And PingPang. :D

Ps. Thanks for the clothing, whoever the shirt and basketball shorts belong to.
Kulang na lan ng rubber shoes, P.E. na. 

We finally saw each other after two years. :)
Universe and its habit of making chances for me
to spend hearty breakfast with dear friends.

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