Wednesday, March 21, 2012


Mark Salvatus
Ateneo Art Gallery

This exhibit is a culmination of Mark's art residency in various countries.
First stop is the collage of memorabilia from his residencies.

And some real estate handouts (people just normally throw when the agents aren't looking).

On a huge wall is a projected video of a slot machine. But instead of the dollar sign, bananas and cherries, it shows images of street art.

And then this hinged flat screens playing a mash-up video footage of people singing and
dancing to the tune of the Spice Girl's Wanna Be.
Beside it is a live video-capture of anyone brave enough to lip-synch with it. 

Obviously, i was too shy to try so the left screen is static.

The last artwork is my favorite. Mark never fails to engage his audience to his art.
This is a live video of a revolving assemblage of a city.

The buildings are made of cutouts from handouts and advertisements.
It can be closely viewed from the next room.

The exhibit runs until April 30. You should go and see it.
Nothing beats the actual experience.

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