Wednesday, March 28, 2012

books, cute purse, and nando navarro

I always believed that books should be read and not kept in a shelf for years. Dusty books are lonely books. So i gave two of my favorites to a friend. There's this impalpable thread that connects people who share books with each other. That's why i love libraries. A huge room filled with books is a meeting place of a thousand lives. And a person who reads meet these thousands. :)

I really like this pretty Palawan coin purse Mikibear gave me.
It's very timely to the fare hike, heheh. Mahirap mag-store ng tig-bente-cinco sa wallet. 

 Guys, meet Nando Navarro.
I'm practicing film photography again. Good thing, Kuya Toto left Nando for safekeeping so i don't need to buy a new film SLR. Nando is still in good shape, i tested few shots on Mori yesterday. Another inspiring thing to do to keep the creativity flowing while painting. I'm planning to buy a lomo cam for christmas but i want to restart with the manual film process first. This is going to be fun. I already got two photoshoot bookings: Googs' graduation day and Alain's birthday pasiklab. :)

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