Sunday, March 11, 2012

the night is young

The Night is Young
{watercolour on paper, 457 x 304mm}

I read something interesting that i'd like to share, from Johann Wolfgang von Goethe's Theory of Colours:

"If the darkness of endless space is seen through an atmospheric haze illuminated by daylight, then the colour blue appears. The sky, as observed from high mountains during the day, appears royal blue, since the quantity of fine haze floating in front of endless, dark space is but small; as soon as one descends into the valleys, the blue becomes lighter in hue, finally turning completely into a white-blue in certain regions and with increasing haze." (Farbenkreis 1810, vol. 13, p.363)

So true. :)


  1. i LOVE this painting so much!! i scrolled through some of your newest work and it's all so good. you are a true talent!

  2. whoa cool, I like your style very much! :)

  3. Wow, your paintings are gorgeous and otherworldly! You have a beautiful imagination.