Friday, March 2, 2012

till then, february

Au revoir, Fevrier

Bonjour, Mars

Eversince I decided to spend the rest of my life in the arts, i made a pact with myself that it's quotidian to be infused with a sense of wonder and gratitude because it's a huge privilege to do this profession. So it kind of saddens me that factions really do exist to behest what direction one must take.

The monetary must not create the value of an artist. It is his art - no matter how plainly or evocatively executed, regardless of the amount or depth of words his statement is all about. And you don't need to have a graduate degree to understand his art.
You just need to have a heart.

Anyway, i just want to paint. I'm keeping that slogan wherever i head to.
It's a steady peck to stay in touch with myself. :)

*top: taken one afternoon down south 
bottom: old building near work place

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