Thursday, March 1, 2012

towers and holocene

First post of noting down everything that inspires me. I'm starting with Bon Iver.
From the great cover art created by Gregory Euclide to every music video that i really love.
All of it! But there isn't enough space so i'm just putting two for the day. 

Cover art by Gregory Euclide.
Production videos and image details on how he made this awesomeness happen.
I'm so glad we're friends on facebook. That's for keeping my newsfeed rolling
with more inspiring things. :) 

Holocene is one of my most loved tracks from the album. The video is like a moving painting.

{images from google, this blog, and this blog}

And it's a fine thing to recover and start the morning travel despite the nausea
with Towers playing on my ipod.

{images from google}

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