Monday, April 2, 2012



YUMI ROTH is an artist exploring ideas on immigration, hybridity and displacement. She was born in Oregon, and grew up in both the US and the Philippines. She has exhibited and conducted residencies in international venues, including the Vargas Museum and Ayala Museum. She has recently been nominated for the Louis Comfort Tiffany Biennial Award. Roth is currently a professor at the University of Colorado. "ArtSourced: Call Center" is a project she is currently developing to explore collaboration as a cross-cultural practice through dialogue between Filipino and American artists.

NADINE WASSERMAN is an independent curator and freelance art critic based in Philadelphia, having previously held curatorial positions in both a large contemporary museum and small university museums and galleries. With a degree in Afro-American Studies, Wasserman has organized exhibitions on a diversity of themes and has written about art for multiple publications. In her exhibitions and writing she has explored themes ranging from violence to mundanity. She is currently curating an exhibition entitled, “Lifeloggers: Chronicling the Everyday” for Carleton College's Perlman Teaching Museum  --- Source:  98B 

The only photo i managed to take, heheh. I was too engrossed with the presentations.
The rest belongs to 98B:

Yumi Roth and Nadine Wasserman

Ms. Yumi had interesting art projects done in different countries.
Intelligent, crazy, amusing, and unfeigned ~ you can view some of it here.


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