Tuesday, August 7, 2012

love advice for falling star

I received this letter from a reader. My apologies for taking a looong while to respond. I don't usually get this kind of inquiry through this blog (as this isn't a love advice column heheh) nevertheless I will try to answer the best that I can.

Dear Miss Paper Aviator,

I constantly read your blog though I do not write comments. I just want you to know that you have a really nice blog and I enjoy looking at the images and your artworks. You also have a good taste in music.

I wrote because I want to ask for advice. It has nothing to do with career but it is about the matter of the heart. I know that you can provide even a little hindsight about this because you're an artist. Also, even if you don't share personal things on your blog including your lovelife, it looks like you have a happy disposition in life and you have a successful lovelife. I will not believe you if you will say that the person you like do not like you back.

I am a fine arts freshman in a university. I met this really nice and cute guy who is also an artist (my senior). We became good friends and I fell inlove with him. The problem is, I want to confess what I feel for him. But I want to make him fall for me too. I am also trying to observe if he have feelings for me but I do not have any luck yet. I am also thinking that because he is an artist, he is very open-minded and he won't mind if I confess what I feel for him. I am starting to feel very jealous whenever girls flirt with him and sometimes we fight about it but I cannot explain to him why I feel that way. We also date every week so I am guessing that he is interested in me too but he is just having doubts because I am still a freshman and he is older.

Should I confess to him? Can you advice me anything on how he will find me interesting more than friends level? As an artist, I know you will understand about this more than the normal people.

Thank you very much!!! I will say hi to you when I see you around in exhibits.


More power,
Falling Star

Hi Falling Star,

Thank you for reading the random stuff i post here. 

So how do i start? hahah

(dead pan)

Uhmm, honestly i'm not really sure about being a reliable source of solution to your problem. So i hope you don't mind that i forwarded your question to some trusted friends. :) Contrary to your belief, i do not have happy endings when it comes to demonstrating my platonic affections hahah! Prepare to be disappointed but i've been very much single for ages. *Candidate hermit raising right hand* :P

Personal love issues: It's not something i'm hugely happy about (i'm going to be a hypocrite if i say i do not wish for it, being a normal human being that is), it's not something  i feel frustrated about either. Let's just say that i'm keeping a neutral ground because i always believe that someday, somewhere, someone will come (as cliche as it might sound hahah). Sooo, now you know my brief "background" in the heart department, i hope you understand that i'm looking at your situation immanently basing on my own judgement, observations, and limited experience. You cannot depend on my opinion if you plan to confess to him. 

Majority of men are straight-forward. You cannot rely on your own guesswork in judging how he feels about you. If he tells you he loves you, he means it (unless he's lying). If he doesn't say he likes you more than friends, truth might hurt but he doesn't really like you more than friends. They stick to simple facts. You will just hurt yourself if you always assume. 

Sure, you can confess what you feel for him. But are you prepared to the outcome? His feelings might be mutual but also consider the other way around. It sounds like you guys are close friends now. Are you ready to risk your friendship just in case he demonstrate an unfavorable reaction to your confession? I'm not being pessimistic, just looking at the wider picture. 

It's normal for him to flirt with girls (and vice versa) if he is single. From your description, you guys doesn't have a "commitment". Yes, both of you go and hang out often, but it might just be a friendly date. Unless he holds your hand and treats you like lovers do, then it's safer not to expect anything. Too much expectations can kill your heart. A friendly reminder before you cross the line: look at the red or green traffic signal first before you "go".  ;) 

You're a freshman. How old are you? 17, 18? You're sooo young. It's okay to be in love (it's the best feeling in the world, close to flying and floating on air heheh) but leave some for yourself. Enjoy your youth. I suggest you hang out with other people of your age, too. Make some girl friends (some things are best discussed with girls over pajama party or drinking session whichever you prefer). Don't make him the center of your universe. That stage in college, especially you're studying arts, is the best time to meet a lot of people in the art circle, learn and explore about your art, too. It will be fun, trust me. :)

If he likes you, then he'll like the person that you are. There are no specific tips for this. You can make yourself a better person but don't change just for him. Stay with the real you.

Goodluck on your studies and your future endeavors.


To make things interesting and to help me with this, i asked non-artists friends to share their counsel: 

From Wins (big boss, marketing light bulb)

"you have a successful lovelife" HAHAHAHAHA! --->  joke of the day. =)) 

Translation: Aside from telling you that you're heeding advice from the wrong person hahaha, her laughter is short of saying "KEEP THINGS LIGHT!" :)

* * *

From Aze (scientist)

You will learn later in life that, although you may get infatuated by someone who knocks you off your feet, love is the point where you will decide to accept the other person as he is, and stay with him. Of course it's more than that. I suggest you take it easy on using the four-letter word haphazardly.

"The problem is, I want to confess what I feel for him. But I want to make him fall for me too." --> 1st statement, up to you. 2nd statement, up to him.

"I am also trying to observe if he have feelings for me but I do not have any luck yet." --> Meaning you haven't got the chance to observe, or you observe but did not see any signs? These are 2 different premises.

You are putting him in a box, along with other artists. Every person is different. That is the first thing you need to accept before you go ahead with life in general. As for confessing... well, that depends on how smooth your moves are. Good luck with all the risks! Question though: why so eager? :)

Quoting the great Ramon Bautista (who you should be sending this inquiry to, btw), "Magselos nang naaayon sa relationship status." Kayo ba? BAAAMMM!

You guess a lot, I observe. Men are generally straightforward. If he really, really likes you, you will know it. Is his having doubts something he said OR something you think he has?


* * * 

By the way, link to the cool Ramon Bautista's My know it all knows more than your know it all. You can ask him anything you want to know about love and life in general. :D


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    1. hahah complicated profession. SKIP to next! :P

  2. hahaha! bongazious! ikaw na girl! gawa ka na ng love column mo dito!

  3. hi po! thanks for the response to my letter. i dont expect you will reply talaga so im very happy when i read this post!! youre such a nice person for lending your little time on this. im still very confused right now. im reading this entry again and again trying to decide if i will confess or not.. hayyyz :(

    1. Not yet po. But we still go out!!
      Sinabihan niya po ako recently na pretty ako.

    2. So ano na nga ang status ninyo?

  4. Dear Falling Star,


    - Your Professor

  5. Ate!!! KAMI NA! :D Thank you ng madame!!

    1. wow. sinagot ka na niya? hahah. congrats!