Monday, September 17, 2012


Woodlands Station, North South Route

 Block 526 is always this quiet every morning.

Morning walks while listening to music.
Today i was listening and humming to this track ~ slowly walking, gazing at the skies
and pondering about a lot of things.


In the apartment.

Some domestic moments and my companions...

Serene days like this make me wonder about some thoughts, which have been crossing my mind lately, some art which I wanted to do, future plans of where to go, and this strange but happy emotion that I am feeling right now. I can't decipher what is it yet, but it's an amusing tiny thing growing day by day. It is an unexplainable glow that makes my insides warm after the long cold season. Icy no more. It makes me scared though. Nevertheless, i am ready to jump across the sea if it calls. Even if i don't know how to swim.

Talking riddles, mumbling gibberish. I guess i am hungry. Migraine go away.

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