Sunday, October 7, 2012

Plan A

I've been reading this for quite a while now. Since i've been interested with food and beverage tasting (but not yet successfully good with cooking heheh) one of my plans soon is to invest in a good bar/resto-gallery business. It's something that i would like to do aside from doing art. I don't know where, i don't know what location i might end up, but i'm determined to make it happen. I've been somewhat traveling in nearby areas, listing some cuisines and drinks that caught my interest in the past few months.

A good place where people can go enjoy food and drinks, listen to good music and view awesome art --- I already have some ideas, the concept, the design in my head, and i'm going to lay it out one of these days to get a clearer picture. I think i just need to collaborate with someone who knows food and beverage well because i admit that's not my expertise. Somebody who is passionate about food as i am passionate about arts and can synchronize with my love for music, who can also develop the idea with me. Even if i don't know much about F&B biz, surely, i can help grow things in terms of operations and marketing. I want to have a copy of this book for some inspiration.

It's also a perfect timing that i am currently working in a gallery. I'm learning more on how a gallery operates in terms of management and finance. In my heart, i can clearly visualize the gallery that i would like to handle -- very much an "art for art's sake" one. Something that will fuse much to music as well.

All of the things close to my heart : art + music + good food&drink. Then i can just settle down peacefully and live a happy life. Sounds like a good plan.

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