Tuesday, October 9, 2012


I was listening to my Sir Eddie Vedder‘s playlist the whole night. The Into The Wild soundtrack have really nice lyrics.

Last night has been difficult. I felt a hard kick on my chest, indescribable feeling i have never felt before. Like i got knocked out of my breath and the world came spiraling down. Like i wanted the ground to swallow me as the air left my lungs. Like i was being sucked into a black hole.

On my way home, i was in a deep thought, instead of going down to Bishan, i got down to Nicoll Highway. Hahah, that deep darn it! I guess i was staring outside the window so hard, staring at the city lights or staring into nothingness, and didn't give much thought of the train door opening and closing. I was silently chuckling about my stupidity when i came out from the wrong station.

Sixteen train stations! :P Ten additional stations. Surreal. Love is evil. The beer is good anyway.

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