Tuesday, October 2, 2012

strange feeling

Traveling from North-South to East-West means twelve train stops and two train transfers. Trying a different route, i took East-West to North-South by the circle line, three train rides through the same twelve train stops. It's funny how the three train transfers seemed like a faster way than the two. Or maybe i just got  quite entertained by my own nerdiness of observing my surrounding, taking mental notes, looking at city lights, the flicker of lights from the speeding cars and the speeding train crossing the Khatib lake with the water reflecting the city in the evening.

It kindles a strange feeling. I feel like an absolute stranger. Today was a scenery of cultures inside the train. I lowered down the volume of my ipod, letting the noise of my surrounding merge with the music i was listening to.

The effect is so amusing. My right ear focused to this track from WFAFNC:

While my left gave way to faint noises of:
           French guy talking to someone over the phone
           Two Italian men laughing and talking to each other animately
           Two Indian girls getting excited over something
           A German or Dutch woman (i'm not so sure) cooing her baby in the stroller
           A Singaporean humming some K-pop tune

Even if i close my eyes, i heard distinct sounds of everything right at that moment. It's like a scene forming in my head accompanied by a good music. Then when i opened my eyes again, i saw a Myna bird speeding its way as the train rushed by, just in time with the climax. What a splendor.

It gives me a strange feeling.

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