Monday, October 1, 2012

running might be the answer to some girl issues

 {Sembawang sunset}

I have never been so badly conscious about my body built, until now. I've gained weight many years ago (due to stress eating hahah) and i didn't mind. When i have shrunk back to my thin self after moving to a new job, i started to realize that it made me look teeny. No matter what i eat i don't gain weight. There are days that i stood at the weighing scale wondering what have gone wrong, am i cooking the right food, am i not stacking enough. I want to have woman curves, girls, if you know what i mean, right? I am twenty-six but i still get mistaken as twenty-lower due to my body built.

I tried googling and my curiosity landed me on pages with thorough instructions on how to make hips bigger. Just looking at all those procedures makes me want to dive to bed and sleep. I am lazy when it comes to exercising. Then a friend of mine suggested running. Obviously, i will not gain weight, but i can tone up my body and fill-up to some curvesSo far, the effort of running around Canberra for thirty to forty-five minutes (3 to 4 kilometers) has been worth it. My hips and legs are getting bigger. I'm shaping up. :)

Ps. Winna, you'll be so proud of me, i finally moved my limbs from deep slumber for some sexy :P

Current running track :
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  1. Your legs are the sexiest already as they are! :) Can't imagine how much hotter they'll get plus having a good tan to go along with it! Oh sweetie you'll be smokin'! ;)

    1. i like to get closer to your tan! kahit konti lan :)