Tuesday, December 11, 2012

nine inch nails + hammock

I have an absolute trust in R for his music recommendations. So when he shared me the Nine Inch Nails and Hammock albums, i expect it to be faring straight to my ear candy list. But what i didn't really anticipate is how each artist's works can set the pace of how i really feel towards a good music. Good is an understatement. It's been almost a couple of months now, but my brain is still silently raving at how awesome these albums are in the great sense of the word awesome.

Nine Inch Nails: Ghosts I-IV

Hammock: Kenotic

Hammock: Raising Your Voice... Trying to Stop an Echo

I have a habit of playing songs over and over, "digesting" it - like a good food, like something tasty i can chew and savour in my system. And words cannot express how satisfying an experience is listening to these albums. There are some tracks that moved me close to tears. Something so damn good, it leaves a poignant taste in the senses. And then, comes the prickling goosebumps.

I listen amidst the stirring mess of crowded people while leisurely walking in the city. Between the interesting and non-interesting juncture of the city's nightlife, it took me quite a while to figure out how i felt about one track and the other. Though, I think the getting-to-know did it. And in between the places i was at and phases of each track, are moments that i just paused in my walk to inconspicuously look around. The sound of chatters, rails, and engines remained inaudible to my ear but in between every track's transition, i felt like i was joining in. It was a great feeling and i felt less lonely. And when the tempo transcends anew, i felt like moving on again.

image from Ghosts I-IV, 9 Ghosts I

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