Tuesday, December 11, 2012

on traverse

I have been trying my best to continue my daily activities with the absence of my right arm. Oh yes, my right arm is still intact. I just have to put it into rest for speedy recovery. Apparently, tearing a muscle tissue is a no-nonsense matter. Everything has been quite tough especially at work since i am right-handed. In fact, i am relying on my left hand in making this post. I have never felt so dysfunctional in my entire life. I even find it ironic that i'm writing a longer blog entry when i am currently injured, hahah. I guess it is by human nature to tussle back when one is challenged.

Anyway, the upcoming posts are those i have finished drafting during my precious idle hours. I scheduled it to load itself automatically. I realized that i have been slacking lately in keeping up with this blog. I also want to write more and post interesting stuff here so there will be a major re-vamp happening in the next months.

Readers, thanks for still following this blog even sometimes i just post crap.
The coming weeks will be an improvement.

Thank you / Grazie / Merci / Danke / Gracias / Arigato / Xiexie! :)
(i hope i didn't miss out anyone in my blog friends' list)


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