Monday, December 3, 2012

rainy day survival tips

Starving? Alone in the work place? Cannot go out to buy food?

Try this anti-emo-survival tips.

1. Refrain from eating plastic and paper. Raid the pantry cabinet and fridge for anything edible to eat. If you are socially-inclined enough, befriend the neighbors for free snacks. But since i'm a shy person (and lucky because we got cooker hahah) i can survive being anti-social. And I also found chicken ramen. Hunger games - 100 points! 

2. A little entertainment: sing a nice song while stirring the noodles.
Since you're alone, nobody will hear anyway. It turns the simple ramen into a special meal: 

Just so you know... I made a Depeche Mode Ramen.

3. Massage the part that hurts. Elbow, arm, head, stiff neck...
In my case, my injured left wrist..

Hope that helps.



  1. Rainy Day Survival Tips
    Perrine Renoir version (THE PRO-EMO SURVIVAL TIPS):

    1.) hungry? just fix yourself instant coffee. or hot choco (paperaviator just hates it whenever i grab coffee, so there you go, swiss miss). just pretend you're eating a good bowl of tsukumen (dipping noodles, i'll treat paperaviator when she returns for vacation). the thing is, you're hungry and cold but holidays are coming and you have to be in your modelling physique best. we don't care much about extra weight, but come on. we're hungry. look at the bright side of things.

    2.) nice music while stirring your coffee. since paperaviator doesn't have Up Dharma Down's Capacities album yet, mine will be "Parks" (Capacities track 3) Singing the lines "I never thought that I would be the one who can deal with so much waiting // I never count but look at me now, I see the time I should be saving" will make your afternoon all emo. oooh.

    3.) massage the part that hurts. in my case, it's my fractured right thumb and my trying-to-be-friendly-but-still-couldn't-get-it heart. Massaging the latter is overly-emo. Come on, My Chemical Romance is too puberty. Massaging the former might worsen the fracture. So I'll just brace, I mean, embrace myself. ooh.

    1. Hahaha! the best ka talaga Perrine Renoir! THE BEST KA! :D