Sunday, April 25, 2010

too much


Whew, thermometer reading is now down to 29�C from the 30+. Mori boy had to bathe weekly (a leap from his normal every-other-week bathing routine) as the heat irritates him more than ever. The hot weather is too much. This must be one of the effects of global warming as shown on the news. :(

Tsk. Wishing the heat waves will just concentrate and struck those running politicians who lie and make false promises on public. They deserve hell in advance. Speaking of politics, i haven't made a final thought on my complete list of candidates to circle on May 10th (sheiks, and i'm still suffering LSS from that 'bilog bilog hugis itlog' song i heard playing on the cab, hahah).

I hope tomorrow will be a better cooling weather.

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