Tuesday, November 16, 2010

memory lane

Cleaning my apartment today, i rummaged my way to the old boxes that remained untouched (until now) ever since i moved to this place. And these are some treasures i found:

DSCN0398 copy
Some old photos, birthday cards, postcards and letters.

DSCN0407 copy
Including love letters, too, hahah.

Few of these photos brought back a wave of good memories...

DSCN0422 copy
Mini me and our first pet dog Bobby. :)

DSCN0434 copy
Early Christmases spent with my grandmas. I missed how my grandma (on photo) and auntie decorate on holidays. 

DSCN0460 copy
All about the first dance number ever (as i grew older, i lost this magic talent, hahah)

DSCN0424 copy
The first ever school award (my brother grinning wide beside).

DSCN0426 copy
The first ever poster artwork i did.

DSCN0417 copy
One of the first batch of watercolour landscapes i did during college.

DSCN0401 resized
And one of the first ever paintings (a self-portrait) i did while discovering my own style.

There are also few things in my luggage i didn't recognize. Like for instance, these antique photos whereas i can't remember how i got. Maybe they're my ancestors or a friend's ancestors. :)

DSCN0410 copy

And there are valuable items & memoirs i lost because of transferring from one place to another. I hope someday i can make my own permanent home. 

How about you, what lovely memories were you reminded of ? Made any discoveries today? :)


  1. I love this post!!! Old pictures always have this happy nostalgic feel to them, even if they're not your own. I love them!

    I'm really sentimental so I have wayyy more keepsakes than I should. I'm going to have to pull them out now!

  2. thank you :) yea, photos tell a hundred stories!

    looking forward to see your keepsakes, too!

  3. I love this post as well, those childhood pictures of you are just great and I especially like the painting you did at the bottom of the post.

  4. thanks vivienne :) that painting meant so much to me.

  5. thanks Anne :)
    ps. i love reading your posts. inspiring!