Sunday, March 6, 2011

Decree of the Uncut Mane, Act of 2011

Because i seriously want to grow my hair longer. I've been wishing (and daydreaming) for a longer hair for the longest time but i always end up running to the nearest salon when i feel the tresses are heavy (or i'm feeling heavy inside heheh). So i'm going to put myself into a real tough challenge.


I hearby declare my pledge not to cut my hair this year (excluding regular inch trims).
If i cut my hair, i will run around The Fort (or any place equivalent to that distance) 10x while singing this.



  1. haha! that is an awesome challenge and a hilarious punishment if you cut your hair. i love it. :) good luck!

  2. I am trying ( very hard ! ) too to grow my hair but it seems forever so I know how it feels like... hehehe so good luck lady!

  3. Good luck! I haven't cut my hair in nearly 4 years. It's... very, very long.

  4. LOL. Good luck!
    I've had long hair most my life. I think I shall cut it, so its just about 3 inches past my shoulders...

  5. Thank you girls! Strongly hoping i prevail ;)