Saturday, March 12, 2011


*photos via New York Times.

As we speak, there are already 398 people dead and 805 still missing based on Japan breaking news. Yesterday, my country experienced a slight effect of the tsunami. We're just located few hours from Japan and also under the Pacific rim of fire (where large numbers of volcanic eruptions and earthquakes occur). We're still lucky that the tsunami that hit Batanes (the northest island of the Philippines) and other provinces facing the Pacific Ocean is not destructive. People are already going back to their houses from the evacuation centers. This morning i was thinking of the people i met from Japan, few of them who became friends and the other colleagues who i had the chance to work with. I strongly hope that they and their families are all safe. And the other people who are still trapped somewhere to be rescued immediately. The missing persons be found. Godspeed to all.

I woke up this morning thinking about the stark realization that we are all just guests in this planet.


  1. Thank God you are doing fine.

    I know, this is really a sad tragedy. To those who have lost their loved ones, those who have lost their homes, may they stay strong.

  2. Thank you Tiq, hope you and your family are doing fine, too! We're all just Asian neighbors..