Saturday, July 9, 2011

Little Wonder by Nix Puno

My friend Patti invited me to Nix Puno's first solo exhibition and i didn't regret coming despite of the gloomy weather (and almost losing my way in Legaspi Village hahah). I'm so amused at Nix's works ~ the lightness, the easy-going nature of  each piece that communicates to its audience without trying to be perplex. Each painting conveys a story that one viewer can weave through his/her own impression conjoined with 
the artist's rendition. 

"Save your savior" is my favorite :) 

All artworks are acrylic on canvas. A surprising wonder, too, when Patti told me Nix didn't take up any formal art study. What a talent!

Me looking at the paintings (photo grabbed from somebody else's fb album :P)

*Little Wonder by Nix Puno is open to the public 
until August 19 at Trilogy Boutique

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  1. I love a good opening- the paintings look great. are they oils?

    PS I love Foster of the People- that whole CD is so good!