Thursday, August 4, 2011

Question No. 4: I will write non-stop and see how it goes okay?

*Pardon if this post will ramble until the end. Let me just idle and wrestle my thoughts away from too much work. (Warning: contains little GOT spoilers)  :)

Question No. 4: How "fangirl" are you? What/Who is/are on your current desktop screensaver?

Juan doesn't have an active screensaver. Well sometimes but not really often. Juan = is my personal notebook, hahah. I know it's so weird to name a gadget but i got used calling it that already. I have friends who named theirs - Rudy (tough looking notebook), Vanilla Sky (cute pink one), PokPok (you can just easily guess the contents of this laptop by the name), Yanyan (short of Marian, yes, Rivera-crushing ), O'Connor Junior (he named his Nikon DSLR O'Connor first so that's already a descendant), Chivas (for too much drinking), and Nebula (geek stuff alert). I chose Juan because it sounded so artistic and cool. Like Juan Luna, Juan Dela Cruz Band, Juan Carlos Onetti, Juan Manuel of Villena, Juan Sebastian Elcano, and Juan of Pokemon hahah. 

Anyway, back to Juan's screen. I recently loaded him with the same display stuff of my office pc (pampantanggal-stress photo collection hahah). Except for the wallpaper. I like my office pc clean so i just dawned it with a Music Regression design poster while Juan is kept active with stuff that interests me every now and then. For this month, i am a fangirl so i got these two lurking around my personal premises. 

1. Of course, Iker. :)
2. Tadaaah. The King in the North. All of a sudden, i fell out of crush with Ben Barnes - after seeing Richard Madden in his Robb Stark's anguished weeping when Eddard was beheaded at the Sept of Baelor (yes, Boromir died again #LOTR). 

I guess I own this soft spot for tough-looking boys who could blubber like there's no tomorrow. And Ben Barnes looked a little too soft for my taste (except for the Caspian), hahah. 

Speaking of Starks, I've seen the first season. I just finished A Storm of Swords (the third book made me throw myself to bed and roll like crazy when I read the Rain of Castamere; PLEASE if you have a heart disease stay away from the third installment hahah - the story is soooo intense). I decided to take a Westerosi break before I proceed to A Feast of Crows. The chapters are too much for me to take, hahah. Sometimes I think George R.R. Martin is brilliant with all his storytelling twist, sometimes I just gush at how I hate him for tormenting my emotions. That's it for a round of guilty pleasure then. 

As for Juan's sliding visuals, Iker is still ruling the caps followed by Richard Madden. Why not? After playing Robb Stark in Game of Thrones, he is also in UK's Sirens portraying an ambulance man attracted to the same gender. 
Tell me, how can someone play homosexual and still be as desirable as any straight hottie. 
And the accent --- *FAINTS triple time* King in the North, here's my fealty. You have my banners.  

*Getting up from the deliquium* -- so as I was saying, if i can fangirl let it be for Madden. I don't know how much should I rate myself and don't give a fuss either hahah. I haven't seen any episode of Sirens yet but I think it is enough that I blushed like a schoolgirl when I saw his torso in one of the trailers. Just like a normal girl, hahah. Seriously, THANK YOU SCOTLAND for giving us the utter perfection that is James McAvoy and now this. 

Congratulations on your face. I can't even . . . HNNNNGGGG. 

Ps. Since this post will fall under the same tag of the coming Winter, let it be known that these are my current ohhhs and whoahs for the first season of the Thrones:

1. I think Tyrion will win the Emmy Award for Best Supporting Actor. Bran is too cute, I want to adopt him as my own son. 

2. Jon Snow going beyond the wall to hunt ice zombies with Samwell Tarly reminds me of Frodo and Samwell Gamgee. See comparison.

3. Dany, exempted from any fire hazard, with her dragons = Dothraki queen level-up! 

4. Jamie's complex character adds to the suspense. He even looks like Shrek's Prince Charming.  :P

5. Arya, Needle, Yoren, a bunch of hooligans, and Robert Baratheon’s baseborn son Gendry on a thousand league road trip - I knew how the others will end, but of Arya and Gendry? GRRM made a point everyone should be clueless.

6. RIP Khal Drogo. Until the sun rises in the west. No more Jason Mamoa giving epic badass rants and ripping people's throat barehanded

7. RIP Eddard Stark. Catelyn and Robb will get them all. 

8. Compared to his dad, Robb seems really chill about this whole ‘Winter is Coming’ thing, noh?

9. I want to have a direwolf. Maybe Summer can be best pals with Mori

9. Winter is Coming and I hope it hurries up. But yeah, we're meant to wait until April 2012 for Season 2.  

The Starks during happy times. 

*all gif/images courtesy of tumblr 

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  1. haha! "congratulations on your face." you're so funny. :)