Monday, September 12, 2011

Chabet's Works on Paper

Roberto Chabet remains to be one of my most favorite Filipino artists of all time. I'm always a fan of his collages. I'm fascinated at how he does balance even in the most seemingly impossible spaces of a whole piece. I read a quote somewhere that his artworks are "creatures of his memory". I admire his being prolific as an artist - fecund in many medium.

I already missed Ziggurat so I made sure to make a short stop at Galleria Duemila for his Works on Paper.

For this exhibit, Chabet used Lauren Hutton's head as the base of his collages. It's really interesting how he worked on one photo to produce so different iterations. Like solving a science problem, he found various ways to represent it by a drawing or adding mundane objects. Who knows what each object means to the artist ~ it may be something he had read years ago, an envelope he opened or some tiny inkling of his history. The process seems like a manner of testing how an artist hauls down boundaries that frames his limitations. These works reminded me of Kurt Schwitters' style in For Kate and The Holy Night. Here are few snaps of featured works on display.

Visit Galleria Duemila to see the exhibit.
Exhibit runs until the 27th of Septembre.

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