Wednesday, October 12, 2011

I am a two-timer

These are my two tables (portion of each)...

Office (yes, that's Iker Casillas on the picture frame, heehee) and i only own two phones, i'm not 
responsible for the rest of the phones squatting at my area.  

At mi apartment: study table/drawing board/ sometimes-midnight-snack-area.

Things i learned from these tables for the past twelve months:
1. Balance - for my daily duties in the morning and living a semi-secret-love life at night.
2. Value of time.
3. Being more organized (i used to rank myself terribly poor at setting timeline and following it).
4. Being punctual. Early riser. Morning person. Less tardy. Time conscious. I think i've become more professional. :) 

I was panicky when i started this two-table setup. Now, i'm getting the hang of it. I'm still slow because it's not really easy, but i'm coping. Yes, it gives me stressful days, i could go crazy running around trying to decide which thing to do first. But i'd rather be foolish, random and wrong, than getting it all straight and flunking to learn how. I welcome all my hypothesis and i am now my own scientist.

I also realized i can be an ultimately patient person. Seriously patient. Patience is not only a virtue. It takes practice and it can be very useful at times. 

Meanwhile, another two in my life: Mori Catzillas (each mood sold separately). 


  1. your kitty is hilarious. :) and i love what you said about patience being something you practice. that's so true. it can be hard to find balance in life. i'm still trying to learn the proper balance between my job and all my other joys in life. i guess that takes practice too.

  2. Anong semi-secret love life at night ito ha?! :))

  3. Kim, he's my moving stressball. :P
    Isn't too confusing when both things require so much of your attention? Well i really hope we prevail. :)

  4. Wins -- hahahah! Alam mo naman na ang semi-secret love life at night ko doesn't involve any human being! (No it's not Edward Cullen-esque). >:K