Saturday, December 31, 2011

farewell december

... Keep that little child inside!
Hold her close to your heart,
We're only here for a brief time
Then with this world, we must part

For a moment each day
It's OK to get silly
to laugh and dance. 
Take in all Gods glory
At every single chance.

~ Poem from Uma's fb album post for her "Farewell December" photography project
which i modeled in. It's really an honor to be called "your favorite model" hahah,
I supposed because we bond so well and it feels like we're just playing around
and having fun even under any unfortunate circumstance that befalls the shoot.
Thank you so much, Ums. Thank you for always bringing the best out of my awkward face.
It's been a while since our last shoot and it's kind of nostalgic

Photo set 1: "Fly!" , Photo 2: "Whoosh" 
{More fun photos from her project coming on the next post)


  1. you look so happy!!! :D

    love, polly

  2. Happy new year as well!

    I just went through your art. I'm in love with your watercolour and your oil paintings. You are talented....

    I hope to learn how to paint some day!!


  3. Polly, the sun and clouds make me happy :) i like the vibe.

    Dori, thank you! :)) i'm sure you will (you got a nice eye for designs).