Friday, August 31, 2012

what doodling perrine has to say

Quoting my friend Pierre's love advice for reader Falling Star

" Paper Aviator might have a successful art life but her lovelife is what Kurt Cobain called "Nevermind"; but people around the world thought that she's got everything and the person she loves loves her back, and one of them, calling herself "Falling Star", wrote her a letter asking for some love advice, which I understand because Paper Aviator is a very lovable person, but, well, yeah. Guess you really can't have it all. For now.

(You know what I mean when I say "for now", right Gracey?)

Reading Falling Star's letter to Paper Aviator is like going back to puberty, writing words that are by themselves innocent and dignified yet when put together sounds kitschy and annoying but you'd only realize it is so when you're done with it and you've moved on. Even the way I wrote "moved on" is annoying. But in any case, as I read through the post I remember Antonina Milyukova. Peter Ilyich Tchaikovsky's fan who wrote him letters confessing her love. Peter Ilyich Tchaikovsky's wife he resolved not to see again shortly after marriage. I wonder what happened.

One problem with confessing your love to someone is the illusion of valor. That honesty is cleansing. That being in love is finding someone as your personal hero and when you are that dauntless principled hero you are lovable.

Another problem is the cowardice that comes right after; grief when rejected, incapacity when accepted.

Then last is the problem of continuity. I fell in love a lot of times already. I am guilty of always thinking that my last is the first. Then I'd realize it's not really love because love doesn't gradually disappear the moment you confess it, but most of the time I fell in love love fades little by little the moment I admit it.

What I can say to you, Falling Star, is that we have dreams aside from being a part of those others' lives. Whether he loves you or not, whether you find the courage to confess or not, love that person right here right now. You'll never know what's next. Watch Atonement. Wonderful film. You'll see what I mean. "

Ps. Thank you for the kind words, as always, Pierre. I was really laughing at the "Kurt Cobain's Nevermind" hahah! 

And to Falling Star, we wish you luck and the joy of your youth. :)


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